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Experience high speed internet on every device, anywhere in your home.

It’s crazy that we pay for expensive internet packages every month and still have slow WiFi, but the facts speak for themselves.

We’re living in a digital age and most people still have issues with slow WiFi, this is because the internet providers are deliberately slowing down your internet speed.

Internet providers use this technique to trick people into a more expensive internet package and to give their top paying customers better speeds.

Marc Williams was sick of internet providers throttling his internet speed and invented an ingenious device that could actually bypass the data cap.


ExtendTecc is the world’s most advanced WiFi boosting device that bypasses the internet providers speed throttling. It’s 100% legal and gives you the internet speed that you actually pay for!

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Clear LED Display
Double External Antennas
Easy Setup in Seconds
Instant Plug and Play


We have worked on new technology for more than 5 years to create ExtendTecc. Our team developed a unique technology that blocks your data report to your internet provider, making it impossible for the provider to limit your bandwidth.

ExtendTecc is the world’s first WiFi boosting device that bypasses the internet providers speed throttling. It’s 100% legal and gives you the internet speed that you actually pay for! This small device instantly increases the range and speed of your existing WiFi.


We want ExtendTecc to be accessible for everyone, that’s why we made the installation child’s play. Thanks to the WPS button on the front, you can install the device with one push of a button.

Just plug it into any electrical outlet and let ExtendTecc work its magic. Within 60 seconds you have access to a lightning fast internet connection. The device also comes with an easy user guide, which can be helpful when installing ExtendTecc.


The device boosts the WiFi signal of your router box to the WiFi dead spots. Almost everyone has dead spots and slow zones in their home or apartment. They are areas where there’s either no WiFi signal or a very slow and unstable connection.

ExtendTecc fixes this problem by transmitting the WiFi through anything that blocked the signal before. The boosted signal is much stronger and can go through walls, steel and multiple floors. You basically get a faster and stronger internet connection that covers the whole area of your home.


ExtendTecc is the first internet solution that’s able to bypass speed throttling and it’s here to satisfy even the most demanding internet users.

Super-fast WiFi

Boost your WiFi signal’s speed up to 1200 Mbps.

Large Wireless Coverage

Get rid of WiFi dead spots and enjoy a fast internet connection everywhere in your home.

Powerful Antennas

Goes through walls and multiple floors.

Plug and Play

Installation in less than 60 seconds! Just plug it into the outlet and press the WPS button.

WLAN Security

Browse safe thanks to a secure internet connection.

Smart Design

Compact and portable so you can have super-fast internet anywhere/anytime.


We are offering a 50% discount to the first 5,000 customers

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 2-years warranty


Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about ExtendTecc. Many people from all over the world are already using ExtendTecc’s full speed WiFi technology and have shared their experience with us.


“Great Product. It really increased the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house. My modem is in my basement so the signal in my room is very weak. This booster lets me get full bars upstairs and faster than ever streaming. I would recommend to anyone!”


“Fantastic! My neighbours let me use their wifi, but signal was only available near edge of property and very weak (1 bar). Setup was very very simple. I plugged it in where signal was only 1 bar, and i now have 5 bars 100-125ft into my property and its ultra fast. I bought one for my neighbour so they could have fast speeds too. They loved it!”


“This little gadget fixed my slow internet and and more! I live in a 3 story house + a basement and the router was at the first floor. I use to have around 50 mbps up and down and would randomly go bad in my room (im on the third floor) I was gonna purchase a 400$ gaming router to fix it but decided to give this a try and thx god I did. It made my 50mbps to a 300mbps.”

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